Are Your Drains Clogged and Causing Problems?

Sewer LinesOne of the main reasons people have plumbing problems is associated with their sewer lines. If you are dealing with backed up sinks, toilets, and tubs you may need more than just a drain or bathtub drain repair. You need to have your sewer lines checked for necessary sewer line services including sewer repair services, sewer line replacement, or sewer pipe repair. Residents of Alpharetta Georgia, Cumming Georgia, Marietta Georgia, Atlanta Georgia, and Duluth Georgia can all depend on us, the experts in sewer services at Rooter PLUS. Sewer repairs can include a number of problems such as cracked, broken, collapsed, or offset pipes due to settling, shifting soil, and the ground being frozen. You could have a blockage of grease build-up, or some type of foreign object could be restricting proper flow. Perhaps your sewer lines need to be cleaned. You could also be suffering from pipe corrosion with pipes that are either broken or deteriorated causing the line to collapse and restrict the flow of water. There are many other issues including bellied pipe, leaking joints, off-grade pipe, and root infiltration that could all be causing you problems that only the experts at Rooter PLUS can handle.

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At Rooter PLUS we offer a few repair methods including the traditional sewer line repair method and the trenchless sewer repair method. The traditional method involves digging a trench to gain access and the trenchless method allows for repairs without any damage to your yard. Our sister company, Atlanta Relining, works closely with us to provide our customers with relining services that can reline a whole sewer without any digging.

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