Septic Maintenance in Georgia

RooterPLUS is one of the leading plumbing companies performing septic systems maintenance in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming, Duluth, and Marietta, Georgia. Septic systems require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure that they are working properly. When a septic system is suitably designed, constructed, and maintained it reduces and eliminates human health risks from pollutants in household wastewater.

Maintenance Saves Money

By performing regular septic systems maintenance you can aid in the prevention of costly repairs or replacements of your system. Poor maintenance is one of the largest contributors to failing septic systems. It is recommended by the state of Georgia to have your septic system pumped every three to five years. Having a septic system that is in need of repairs could lower your property value and also pose a legal liability.

Protect the Environment

Maintaining a septic system also helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases and maintains the integrity of water resources. There are many viruses and disease-causing bacteria found within septic systems. A well-maintained system can effectively remove these possible pollutants. If sewage from a septic system is inadequately maintained it can potentially cause a ground water contamination which is hazardous to drinking water as well as human health. It is essential to remain a responsible septic tank owner by performing regular maintenance.

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