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Work From Home Tips

Working from home: it is a love/hate relationship. While it may offer convenience, it can often make the line between work and life blurry. Setting up a healthy routine and some boundaries can help make your work from home experience a better one.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a struggling rookie, here are some tips to help refresh your work flow or kick start it into maximum efficiency. So put on some pants, make some fresh coffee, and let’s get started.

Location Matters

Having a dedicated spot is an important factor in setting yourself up for success. Even if it is just the kitchen table, you can make your little spot special for you.

Stay away from working in bed or on the couch. Those spots should be where you go to unwind, not work. In fact, working in bed can actually train your brain to associate your bed with being awake and working, thus making it harder for you to fall asleep when you actually need to.

This also goes for where you take your breaks/lunch. Move to a different chair or a different room. Eating lunch in your workspace doesn’t provide your mind the space it needs to refresh before going back to work.

Schedule Your Day

Even a basic schedule can change how productive you are. Without some sort of timeline, you might work aimlessly through the day and even into the night. Often taking either too many or too little breaks.

By setting up a schedule, such as when to start/end and when to take breaks, you can give yourself some structure to build your productivity on. Knowing you have a small break coming up will help you focus on getting your task done, and make the break that much more enjoyable.

Find Ways to Socialize

Let’s face it, working from home can get lonely. Even for the introverted, it is important to maintain even a small sense of community. So set up a group chat or a Zoom party. Call a friend on your break, or even call your mom. Actually, you should probably call your mom anyway.

A quick Google search will yield endless results on how to safely socialize either in real life or virtually. Find one that works for you. A socially distanced picnic or a Zoom book club can be a great escape from work.

The Key Takeaways

Find yourself a good location, schedule your day, and find a way to safely socialize. These should be a great foundation to help you on your work from home journey.

Bonus Tips: Get yourself a candle or even a tiny desk plant. It will hep refresh your workspace. Also, drink more water.

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