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New Years Resolutions

Who is ready to say goodbye to 2020?

It is time to look ahead and set our sights on 2021. What are your goals or resolutions? Need some ideas? Check out this list for some great ideas to kick start this new year.

  • Read one book a month
  • Learn to cook 5 new meals
  • Quit smoking and drink less alcohol
  • Take the stairs
  • Buy some houseplants
  • Start doing yoga
  • Drink more water
  • Develop healthy screen time habits
  • Explore new hobbies
  • Make your bed everyday
  • Start a journal
  • Take more walks
  • Develop a better budget
  • Volunteer
  • Donate old clothes and other things
  • Explore new music

Hopefully this helps kickstart your ideas! We hope you have an amazing new year!

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