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How to manage a water shut-off and avoid a home disaster

Whether you are performing basic plumbing work or safeguarding against a potential disaster in your home, it’s essential to know the location of your home’s water source so that you can react efficiently if and when the time comes. You won’t have time to think when water is gushing into your home and you have to stop the flow immediately. Here are the risks you face, as well as some tips for finding the water shut-off valve in your home.

The risks every homeowner faces 

There are certain jobs you may be able to handle without the help of a qualified plumber. In the case of turning off your home’s water supply when an emergency arises, you’ll have no choice.

A common theme in water damage horror stories is that the homeowners didn’t know where the water shut-off valve was. While they search for the spot where water enters the home, water continues gushing inside and a small problem becomes a disaster.

But these situations can easily be avoided.

Locating the water supply valve 

A home’s main water valve is usually located where the water line from the street meets the property. It could be in your basement, garage, utility closet or a water source outside your home near the meter.

You will notice a brass valve with a round handle for turning off the water supply. Once you’ve turned it off, check the faucets to confirm the water supply has indeed stopped. Some excess water will run into the sink before a total shutdown takes place.

Complications with water shut-off 

In some homes, it may be difficult to locate the main water valve. After searching in the places outlined above, you may need to contact your water utility provider or a licensed plumber to find the shut-off.

It’s possible that the shut-off for your home’s water supply requires more than simply turning a knob. If this is the case, you’ll need a pipe wrench to turn off the valve and stop the water flow.

In any event, you’re much better off finding and practicing a shut-off before you have to avert disaster.

Atlanta homeowners can get help managing their home’s water supply from the professionals at RooterPLUS! Learning this simple practice can help you avoid a great deal of trouble down the road.

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