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How a lift station pump can save the day

If you have a septic lift station on your property, builders have already recognized that a typical septic system that utilizes gravity will not work. Lift stations use pumps that send sewage uphill to a septic system or city sewer. Though these pumps operate automatically, you will find your property in bad shape if the system stops working and a wet well overflows. Here’s how emergency lift station pump service can bail you out of a huge mess.

The lift station alternative

When designing the grounds around a commercial property, a lift station will be necessary due to the area’s layout or as a cost-effective alternative to a dry well. These sewage pumping stations send the waste to places where it cannot go by natural means.

A treatment well — also called a wet well — receives the waste from buildings. Once a certain level is reached, the pumping action begins to send the waste to city sewers or the property’s septic system. Until there is a breakdown of the pumps, this system works efficiently.

Signs of trouble

When a lift station pump system breaks down, an alarm should go off to alert you of the problem. A wet well should not be full immediately when the alarm goes off. If you respond to the lift station problem quickly, there should be no trouble. An experienced septic system technician can fix or replace the broken pump and get your lift station back to work.

Putting off the call to fix the pump could lead to a more costly and unpleasant alternative. An overflowing wet well could turn your commercial or residential property into a very smelly place to be.

Immediate service for lift station pumps

Lift stations fulfill their purpose for commercial or residential sites if you observe proper maintenance. Every station has an alarm that signals operators that there is a problem with the pumping mechanism.

Once you have received the alarm, it’s crucial to contact a septic system specialist to fix the pumps and keep your wet well from overflowing. Lift stations are designed with wet wells that can handle more than the typical volume, but there is a limit you don’t want to cross.

Regular septic maintenance can keep your property’s systems running smoothly. RooterPLUS! can handle a quick fix or fast replacement of lift station equipment when you need emergency service.

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