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Choosing an electric water pump for your home

Even if you’ve never had flooding problems in the basement of your Cumming home, be proactive and install an electric water pump.

These pumps divert groundwater away from the foundation — water that otherwise would infiltrate your home and flood the basement. Electric water pumps also keep up with rainwater. Homes whose basements routinely smell musty and damp, or even have mold or pools of water on the floor, are ideal candidates for a water pump.

Electric pumps

These are the primary types of water pumps:

  • The motor on a pedestal pump isn’t designed to be submerged in water. Connected by a column, it sits above the basement floor and outside the actual water pump.
  • A submersible pump is submerged in water, employing a motor that is tightly sealed and protected.
  • Water-powered pumps can help you save on energy costs, as they are activated by water. However, your water bills may be higher as a result. If the water pressure in your home isn’t very powerful, the system may not be able to keep up with water disposal.

Other considerations

Selecting and installing an electric water pump is not a DIY job. It’s a complicated process, especially if your home doesn’t already feature a well for the pump. A licensed plumber can help you consider your options and evaluate these factors for selecting a pump:

  • Drainage. Pump capacity depends largely on how much of the home’s drainage system will run through the pump.
  • Groundwater levels. You’ll need a reliable, large-capacity pump if your foundation sits below the water table. If it’s above the water table, it may be safe to go with a water-powered pump.
  • Economy. Pedestal water pumps are economical; however, the basin must be able to accommodate the motor outside of it. These pumps don’t last as long as submersible types, and the motor can be noisy, too.
  • Submersible. These pumps are quiet and unobtrusive, as they rest tucked beneath the basin. If you’re worried about pets or small children interfering with the raised motor of pedestal types, go with a safe submersible pump. Additionally, if you’re installing a water pump in a finished basement, the submersible pump is ideal.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons