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A water filter gets rid of the junk and improves taste

Are you thinking about installing a water filter on your kitchen faucet? You may want to go even further than that and opt for a whole-house water filtration system instead. Water quality dictates health, and poor water quality can pose a significant health risk. Rain and snow runoff from roads and roofs can carry toxic chemicals and organisms, and controversial practices such as fracking may exacerbate groundwater pollution. The best way to protect your Atlanta home from contaminants is to use a water filter.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from using filtration:

  • Filtration that operates via reverse osmosis removes harmful contaminants from drinking water, but it can also remove essential minerals too, like calcium. As a result, the water’s pH level decreases. A high-quality filter will include a second step, moving the water through a carbon filter of some sort and raising the pH level.
  • Drinking water with a balanced pH may promote health benefits, improving the absorption of water in the body, helping weight loss and reducing the impact of aging.
  • Installing a filter on your kitchen sink provides immediate access to pure drinking water.
  • Using filtration on other faucets in the home, including the shower, bath and bathroom sinks, provides cleaner water for hygienic purposes.
  • Pure water is not as harsh on the skin. Water that contains chlorine and other chemicals will lead to drier skin.
  • Clean water is easier on hair, too. When bathing with clean water, your hair won’t sustain the damage that comes from washing it with chlorinated and chemical-laden water.
  • Removing chlorine from the home’s water offers significant benefits, as some reports link the use of chlorine with increased cancer risks, heart issues and senility.
  • Filtration systems that address mold and mineral buildup in pipes can aid those who suffer from allergies.
  • When you use filters, your tubs and sinks will be easier to clean because less rust and minerals will be released from the pipes.
  • Using pure water for the entire household prevents contaminants from harming dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers and any other appliances that use water.

For optimal removal of contaminants, consider a whole-house water filter that works on removing harmful chemicals and minerals the moment that water enters your home. In this way, you’ll protect your home’s plumbing pipes, the water coming out of your sinks for drinking and hygienic purposes will be purified, and your appliances that use water will stay clean, too. For more information about water filtration, contact the plumbing experts at RooterPLUS!

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