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A Rheem tankless water heater drives up household savings!

Tankless water heaters are creating a lot of noise in the plumbing world. Their reputation for energy savings and comfort — not to mention immediate access to hot water — is stirring things up for the standard hot water heating systems that Gainesville and Roswell residents have relied on for decades.

Find out why the innovative technology of the Rheem tankless water heater is a step up from your wasteful tank water heater.

Why go with Rheem?

A long-time leader in the plumbing industry, Rheem was an originator of the standard tank water heater, so it makes sense that they continue to be a leader in water-heating systems. Consumers who are seeking to replace their inefficient, wasteful tank-style systems with newer technology should look to a leader like Rheem, which has a reputation for innovation, durability and quality.

The Rheem way

The truth is, tankless water heaters have long been the go-to system in Japan and Europe. Rheem has a global reach, with subsidiary relationships with Japanese manufacturers. All products are tested by independent, third-party organizations for quality, durability and efficiency.

Perks of the Rheem tankless system

With the quality and efficiency that the Rheem brand offers, homeowners who choose their tankless system get:

  • Energy savings. Instead of keeping a large supply of water at-the-ready, tankless systems heat water as soon as you turn on the tap. This is one of the primary reasons tankless water heaters use less energy. You’ll see that savings on utility bills each month — and water bills, too. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy reports that a tankless water heater offers lower lifetime operating costs than even a high-efficiency gas storage system.
  • A longer service life. Tankless systems are designed to last. You’ll need to schedule regular maintenance appointments to keep it in good operating condition, but a system that’s well cared for lasts a long time. In fact, tankless systems have an estimated life span beyond 20 years, while conventional water heaters last between 10 and 15 years.  Additionally, it’s possible to replace the tankless system’s heat exchanger as it ages, further extending its service life. However, it’s not possible to replace the heat exchanger on a standard water heater.
  • Special features. Rheem systems include features such as a “smart” sensor that promotes optimal energy savings, high flow rates, safe venting and control over combustion gases and freeze-prevention controls.

Become the envy of your Gainesville and Roswell neighbors. Install a Rheem tankless water heater and boast about how you’re taking steps to “green” your home. For more information about tankless systems, give the plumbing experts at RooterPLUS! a call today!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons