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A drain camera goes where no man can

Gurgling drains, stopped toilets, slow draining: these are problems that a drain camera can resolve quickly and correctly. When plumbing problems plague your Roswell home, you can hire a professional to provide the diagnosis, but the pro needs the right tools to get the job done. Expertise can go a long way, but nothing beats a drain camera for getting into your home’s plumbing system and seeing just what has gone awry.

A very bad scenario

Consider this scenario: You have a few drains that aren’t working right, and you call in a plumber to remove what you assume to be a blockage. The plumber agrees and sends a snake down the pipes to work away the perceived hunk of gunk stopping up the pipe. You write a check, the plumber goes on his way, and everything’s hunky-dory. Right?

Wrong! While the plumber’s snake will certainly remove a blockage, without visually inspecting the drain or digging up the pipes — which is costly and a huge hassle — you and your plumber have no way of knowing what’s really going on with the plumbing system. If there’s a crack in the pipe causing water to escape or reducing the system’s pressure, pretty soon you’ll notice slow drainage again, and the problem will compound itself. Eventually, you could be looking at a very costly repair and perhaps going weeks without water in your home.

The ideal scenario

Let’s consider a scenario with a much better outcome: Your plumbing problems eventually lead you to call a pro for help. Your plumber arrives equipped with a drain camera. Weaving the camera down the pipes, the plumber sees everything the camera on the end of the cable can see. This way, the pro can easily identify the root causes of your plumbing woes and apply the right solution. With a camera inspection, your plumber will be able to assess the condition of the pipes accurately and identify problems such as collapsed drains, sewer-line problems, corrosion and more.

For help with all of your plumbing problems, trust the pros at RooterPLUS! Our highly-trained technicians are adept at using all the tools in a plumber’s toolbox, and we’re happy to help our neighbors achieve optimal plumbing health.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons