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4 Sure Signs Your Home Needs Drain Cleaning

Most people do not consider drain cleaning as part of their regular home maintenance routine. The fact is, however, that drains will clog. Without the proper attention, they stop all together.

When it’s necessary to clean a drain, it’s a job best left to the professionals.

There are four sure signs that drain cleaning is in order, all of which mean you should call in a licensed, experienced professional.

  1. Drains begin to slow. Your tub or sink will take much longer to drain than in the recent past. If several drains seem to be slow at the same time across many areas of your home, such as the tub and sink in the bathroom and the powder-room toilet, it could mean that your home’s main drain line needs a cleaning. Obviously, if the water is not draining at all, the drain is already clogged.
  2. The toilet backs up for no apparent reason. A clog that doesn’t clear with a plunger either is too deep for the plunger to be effective or the main drain line from the house is clogged. Whether you have a septic system or you’re on the municipal line, never flush anything down a toilet except toilet paper. The average plumbing system simply is not designed to accept anything other than what is supposed to go down the line.
  3. Water backs up in the drains even after snaking the line. While snaking a line will certainly open it, it is not the same as cleaning the drain. It is subject to backup again at any time.
  4. Bad odors coming from a drain. If this occurs in any drain in the house, a drain line may be clogged. Food, hair or fat deposits from grease could cause the clog, but there is also the possibility that a small rodent is to blame.

Proper drain maintenance can prevent simple annoyances, such as ankle-high water during a shower, and more costly, unhealthy and unpleasant accidents, such as sewage backups into your home. Consult with a drain cleaning professional to decide on a maintenance schedule that suits the demands of your home’s plumbing system.

Image source: Flickr