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4 benefits of a Noritz tankless water heater

A Noritz tankless water heater offers many benefits to homeowners. With a price range to suit every budget and three levels of product types to choose from, Noritz is a solid choice for homeowners when it comes to efficiency, energy conservation and savings on the monthly heating bill.

Energy savings

Noritz tankless water heater products pay for themselves, saving as much as 40 percent monthly on the energy bill. This is a significant amount when compared to traditional tank heaters. Noritz high-efficiency models consume less energy than standard tank heaters.

A wide range of models designed for both small and large applications deliver on-demand hot water to meet your home’s needs. Because a Noritz water heater only heats the water as you need it, the appliance helps to conserve natural resources and reduce your home’s energy bills.

Longer lasting

Not only will a Noritz tankless water heater outperform traditional systems, it also will last twice as long. Noritz water heaters typically have a life span of up to 20 years, which is more than twice as long as the common tank water heater.

Space saving

Tankless systems provide another benefit that tank-based systems do not: Because these systems are small and capable of outdoor installation, they free up space inside of your home that is usually set aside for a tank system. In comparison, indoor tankless systems require significantly less room — about 8 square feet — versus the approximately 30 square feet needed for traditional systems.

How they work

Tankless systems incorporate a flow sensor that triggers the internal computer and activates its burners. Heat exchangers inside the unit heat the water as it circulates through the system to provide you with continuous access to hot water. When you turn off the water, the flow sensor is deactivated, shutting down the water heater unit.

Homeowners who do not have experience in plumbing and gas installation should consider hiring a professional to install their tankless water heater. Doing so ensures that the equipment is set yp properly, keeps the warranty intact, and satisfies the requirements for tax rebates.

Image source: Flickr