$100 Off Water Heater

Did You Say $100 Off a New Water Heater??!!


We have all experienced this normal, morning ritual.  The alarm goes off in the morning, we drag our selves out of bed, and with our eyes half-open, we reach in the shower to turn it on.  Now here is where some of us have experienced something that we hope never happens again… no hot water!!  Trust me, it is no way to start a day.


We can help in more ways than one.  How about a new water heater, installed quickly, by a licensed professional and $100 off of our already great value?


At RooterPLUS, our trained professional technicians are experts in the repair, replacement and installation of water heaters. Water heaters are very unappreciated pieces of equipment in our home. Many of us take it for granted that hot water will come out of our faucets when we want it to. Then, one day, our hot showers get shorter, we have no hot water at all, or worst of all, the water heater bursts and leaks all over the basement. Now you need a licensed plumber that specializes in repairing water heaters, and you need him quickly.

Get your hot water back - fast!

This is where RooterPLUS comes in. We’re the experts on water heaters that Atlanta residents trust, and we specialize in fast and reliable water heater repairs. We understand how disruptive replacing a water heater can be to a household, so we make every effort to make it as quick and seamless as possible. Our goal is to get you back online with hot water for showering, washing dishes and doing laundry with very little inconvenience to you.

If you are interested in installing a water heater in your home or would like to talk to an expert about water heater repair services, contact RooterPLUS, the experts on water heaters Atlanta residents trust for superior service and water heater installation service. We have proffesional technicians for both emergency and preventative replacement.  So for premium water heaters repairs, installation or service, call the pros at 770-888-1931. We will be at your residence in 60 minutes to assess your needs and get you hot water again.  Don’t forget to mention your $100 off coupon!!