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Atlanta plumbing company RooterPLUS! salutes the local Humane Society

Friday, April 18th, 2014

On March 8, the Humane Society of Forsyth County event helped everyone at RooterPLUS! remember why we love being an Atlanta plumbing company that helps the community. The no-kill animal shelter offered an affordable shot clinic for area pets at its Cumming thrift store to give local families access to this essential service. Pet owners brought their pets to get shots for rabies, kennel cough, DHPP and other vaccinations for $10 to $12. Microchips cost only $20. The Humane Society holds these events regularly, never pausing in its crusade to rescue animals and find forever homes for them. RooterPLUS! knows how important this organization is to the health of the Atlanta community, and we are honored to sponsor the work of the Humane Society thrift store.

A no-kill shelter with heart

A brief glance at the Humane Society’s Facebook page tells the story of its great work. This organization is constantly seeking homes for stray and rescued dogs, orphaned cats and any other animals that need help. The Humane Society protects the community by treating animal illnesses and brightens the lives of families by matching them with safe, loving pets. Almost hourly, the organization uses its Facebook page to promote animals in need of help.

RooterPLUS! has supported the group’s good work because we value the lives of animals just like Atlanta-area families do. There is no better place to adopt an animal than the Humane Society. Its thrift store is an excellent place to donate clothes and furnishings you no longer need.

20 years and counting

RooterPLUS! recently celebrated 20 years of serving the community as an Atlanta plumbing company. From helping out the great team at the Humane Society to joining the Light the Night Walk, RooterPLUS! shows appreciation for all the business it has received since 1994. RooterPLUS! takes pride in every plumbing, drain, septic and HVAC job because longstanding relationships are nothing to squander. The company’s new goal is to make the next 20 years even better.

RooterPLUS! hopes to continue connecting with the community, whether it’s on a charity walk, at a fundraiser for the Humane Society or at a Falcons game tailgating. There’s never a time when the people of the Atlanta area stop showing heart, and RooterPLUS! hopes to contribute for many years to come.

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Atlanta plumbing company RooterPLUS! reaches 20 years of professional service and community outreach

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Now celebrating over 20 years serving the Atlanta area in plumbing, septic and sewer services, RooterPLUS! has been proud to grow its business in this vibrant Georgia community. In fact, connecting with great area customers and partners has been the most satisfying part of the company’s journey. RooterPLUS! is one Atlanta plumbing company that’s dedicated to area residents for the long haul.

Two decades of service to Atlanta residents

It’s been a long time since RooterPLUS! served its first customers in 1994, but in the two decades since, the company has never lost sight of its goals. The team has always put the customer’s needs in the spotlight, making every job an opportunity to build greater efficiency and trust.

Based on its record of quality service for business and residential customers in Marietta, Gainesville, Alpharetta, Roswell and throughout the Atlanta metro region, RooterPLUS! is now known as the company that helps when you’re in a tight bind. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you call. RooterPLUS! never charges more when you have an emergency outside of business hours.

Deep ties to the Atlanta metro community

While the RooterPLUS! business is in septic services, plumbing work, sewer systems, drainage and HVAC systems, the company has made just as many friends supporting the causes that are dear to its founders. RooterPLUS! invites customers and friends to its Facebook and Twitter pages to see the full range of company activities.

In recent months, RooterPLUS! sponsored the Humane Society of Forsyth County Thrift Store, supporting the namesake no-kill animal shelter; took part in the Stick It 2 Cancer Light the Night Walk with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; and showed that the team knows how to party by placing first in the Publix Tailgater of the Game contest for the Atlanta Falcons game on Dec. 15. It was a close race, but RooterPLUS! placed second in tailgating among all sponsors at Falcons games for the entire year. Events like these allow RooterPLUS! to display its pride as an Atlanta plumbing company.

The decades to come and beyond

Now that the hopes of the business and many of the founders are tied to those of the local community, RooterPLUS! plans to push forward, continue its work and make its bond with Atlanta even stronger.

RooterPLUS! would like to know how it can align itself even more with the interests of its loyal customers, and the company hopes you’ll share your thoughts on the company’s social media channels and in person during service visits.

Please check out the RooterPLUS! blog for information about home improvement solutions and everyday fixes. Twenty years have already passed, but the company envisions many more decades in the Atlanta community. We hope you’ll be along for the journey!

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