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Quick kitchen plumbing repairs every homeowner should know

Some kitchen plumbing repairs are easy enough even for a novice to take on. Here are some guidelines that cover repairs like fixing a leaky faucet and resolving low water pressure. And if you don’t feel that your expertise or confidence is enough to get the job done right, call in a plumber based in Roswell for help.

Easy kitchen plumbing repairs include:

  • A leaky kitchen faucet. Turn off the water supply. Open the lever and let the remaining water run out of the faucet. Cover up the drain to prevent the loss of tools or faucet components. Remove the faucet’s parts, starting with the aerator, and clean each component with a water/vinegar solution to remove buildup. Reassemble the faucet, turn the water back on and check for leaks. If the problem persists, you can try replacing the parts that look worn or call a pro.
  • Low water pressure. If the kitchen faucet isn’t running like it used to, there may be a problem with the aerator. If it’s clogged, the faucet won’t release the full pressure of water that’s moving through the plumbing system. This simple fix involves taking off the aerator, which usually consists of seven parts. Carefully clean each one and reassemble the aerator. If any of the parts show signs of corrosion, replace them or swap out the old aerator for a new one. If cleaning or replacing it doesn’t resolve the problem, call a plumber.
  • A leaky kitchen sprayer. Just like your sink’s plumbing pipes can develop problems, sink sprayers can spring leaks over time, too. Here’s how to approach the fix: First, shut off the water. Buy a replacement head for the sprayer. Simply unscrew the head, take out the washer and nudge the circlip out of place to make room for the new head. Reassemble the sprayer and take it for a test drive. If it’s still leaking, the next step involves replacing the hose. From under the sink, use a wrench to release the hose and remove it. Wind the new hose up through the holder and tighten the hose connection to the faucet. Test the new hose and sprayer head. If the leaking continues, get professional help.

If kitchen plumbing repairs have you scratching your head in wonder and wasting time and money trying to stop up leaks, contact the pros at RooterPLUS! We’re happy to help our neighbors in Roswell with faucet replacements, sink problems, water heater issues and more.

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